The Styles of Old

Great mysteries oft unfold.

I. The styles of old have caught my heart,
They’ve danced throughout my soul,
They’ve taught me of this holy spark,
That links me to the Whole.

II. And I’ve never since now wandered
On a path so clear and bright,
Nor seen so many wildflowers,
Nor as many stars at night;

III. And I’ve never this far journeyed
Through the gardens of my mind,
Nor swam so far asea,
Nor felt this much Aligned,

IV. For with my God I’ve tarried
On the branches of the Tree,
And there we’ve oft communed
About what we hear and see.

V. And all of this is aided
By the heavenly styles of old,
And I’ve learned that as I play with them
Great mysteries oft unfold.


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