The Walled Garden Philosophical Society is a sanctuary for those who wish to think deeply about the contemporary challenges and opportunities that we face in our individual lives, as well as in our families, communities, organisations, and nations.


When I created the concept for The Walled Garden Philosophical Society in 2021, I envisioned a virtual gathering place for philosophers, artists, and seekers who shared a common love of wisdom, and a burning desire to aid the flourishing of humanity.

Since then, we’ve greatly expanded our team, mission, and vision, and we’d like to welcome you to now join us in open philosophical dialogue with other like-minded seekers from around the world. We hope that you’ll find our garden to be restorative, meaningful, and fruitful for your soul. 

Simon Drew, 05/2022


Our main forum for discussion with our members and podcast listeners is the Walled Garden Discord chat. This chat is free for all to join. We’ll see you there!