Resurrect the Lost Virtue of Humanitas 

Crafting music, poetry, art, and writings that unveil the human and the Divine.

Know Thyself.

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Profound poetic, musical, and philosophical explorations into the nature of the Divine.

Simon Drew

A Message to Discerning Students

Through my years of working one-on-one with students with diverse life experiences and from over 15 countries, I’ve learned that what people need—if they want to make meaningful progress—is a sparring partner. They need someone to help them to think about how they think; to serve as a mirror to their words

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Simon Drew

Oh Mountain

We may at times lose sight of your beauty, but you will never cease to be beautiful.

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Simon is an Australian poet, musician and philosopher now based in Orange County, California. He is widely known as a populariser of the Stoic school of philosophy, though toward the beginning of 2020, Simon underwent a pneumatic awakening that led him to explore his artistic and mystical nature. What ensued is captured most beautifully in the co-founding of The Walled Garden Philosophical Society, and even more so within the works featured in The Sanctuary Grove.

I’m here to help. I’m here to give, and to receive. I’m here to heal, and I’m here to be healed. I’m here to know, and I’m here to be known. I’m here as I am, just as you are.