A Bridge towards your waiting self.

A 7-DAY SOUL REBOOT With Rocco Jarman

Soul is what's missing when life feels wrong...

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"I think of Soul as nothing more than the human thirst and capacity for connection and belonging, and the sense of purpose we can attach to the project of quenching that thirst and deepening that capacity in ourselves."

Embark on this 7-day transformative circuitous journey of stirring invitation, rich symbolism and everyday philosophy that is quenching of that thirst, replenishing of that capacity.

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The emails form a beautifully crafted sequence that will guide you along a thoughtful journey of reflection and restoration, an invitation to discernment, presence and intentionality.

This process will change you, if you let it.

TWO Transformative METAPHORS

Humans have often turned to poetry, storytelling, and parables as a kind of medicine for the soul, allowing us to come alive in often unexpected ways. During the next seven days, you’ll be initiated into two powerful metaphors which will serve as catalysts for the flourishing of your soul.

The Hearth

The hearth symbolizes the soul’s journey of transformation and creativity, a sacred place of renewal where the fire of life ignites a deep sense of belonging and change.

The Well

The well represents the soul’s connection to the cycles of nature and community, an eternal wellspring of vitality and belonging, inviting us to rediscover our intrinsic part in the flow of life and our collective inheritance.


Hear what others have had to say —real words from real people.

Like a daily cup of living wisdom. This journey has now become part of my journey! A highly recommended experience.  

David V, writer

It is not too much to say that this changed my life, in a subtle but lasting way. What a wonderful way to start my day. I could revisit this a few times a year!

Astrid B, therapist

So simple, so subtle, achingly beautiful, gentle and profound. Exactly the voice and the words I was longing to hear. I cannot recommend this highly enough. 

Dympna F, triathlete & mother

Rocco Jarman


Welcome! Imagine a space where poetry and stories aren’t just words, but pathways to rediscover the vibrancy of your soul. Over the next seven days, I invite you to join me in a circuitous journey guided by two powerful metaphors that promise to reignite the fire inside.

This isn’t simply a series of emails; it is that too, but more importantly it is a invitation back to the essence of who you are, touching on the old charm of symbols and storytelling. I’m inviting you to come with me, on  a journey to be connected again to something fortgotten, and to rekindle a sense of wonder in the world and a sense of deep belonging to that wonder.

See you inside, Rocco


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