A Covenantal Prayer

Once, when my mind was dull, and my body weak, and my senses lacking, and my spark faint, I had it not in me to speak of Wisdom, nor of things Divine, nor of Truth, and even less of Beauty. 

But, my friends, I have happened upon a path, as have ye, and we call this path many, for it leads in four directions, even Virtue, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding.

At the centre of the Garden, at the peak of the Holy Mountain, there grows a Golden Tree, whose roots descend deep into the Well of Eternal Knowledge, and whose branches reach high above us into the Big Amazing, as my friend and teacher Sharon Lebell would say. 

From the seed of this Tree has grown seven branches, even the Deep, the Root, the Seed, the Branch, the Wind, the Heights, and the ALL. 

As above, so below. 

Lo, there is a place where the river meets the sky,
And there but for the grace of God go I,
And if it would be right for me to prophesy, 
It’s surely there where we all shall die. 

So now, let us speak of Wisdom, for it is She who will guide us safely o’er the distant and unknown horizons. Yay, it is She who will calm the storm-tossed seas, and even She who has carefully stitched together the upper and the lower fabrics on God’s garment, and She who now paves the Golden Way before us all. 

Lo, it is the humanities that will teach us Wisdom, for they will show us the many ways to return to our Father when we are lost, to rescue the damsel when She is in despair, and to become the Light when darkness surrounds.

Those who have sought communion with the Muses and Daemons of our past will have Knowledge, for the Kingdom is theirs, and the bountiful harvest for their storehouse. 

Those who commune with the Muses and Daemons of our past will join the Angels who now plough their Golden Fields in the Heavenly realms, and sweet remembrance will be theirs of their unity with the seven realms they have travelled, and this they will come to know as Understanding. 

And all this will be a revelation, made possible by the very face that the Angels discovered, for in the mirror and face of the Cosmos, we see ourselves, and our selves see us, for it is by the light that burns within each of us that our selves are made to see. 

When a soul has seen, it desires not to return to the realms it once wandered, for not only is such an awakening so great that it radiates in the being of the beholder with prolonged intensity, but also because to do so would be to commit a kind of spiritual suicide.  

At such a time, the True Seeker becomes the Finder, and the Finder the Sage, and the Sage the fool, and the fool the King, and the King the tyrant, and the tyrant the beggar, and the beggar the rich man, and the rich man the poor, and the poor the receiver, and the receiver the robbed. 

And so, my Friend, let us walk together, talk together, learn together, grow together, worship what is beautiful together, plant seeds together, and harvest what we have planted together. 


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