Start Here: An Invitation Deeper into the Heart of Your Own Story.

Welcome to the Silver Branch, a Grove of The Walled Garden, hosted by me Rocco Jarman.

THE SILVER BRANCH is a circle of learning, practice reviving and exploring the art and calling of the Bard: the ancient tradition of story-telling at the boundary where myth, psychology and poetry meet.

—A powerful and transformative immersion into spoken word, story, poetry and living myth aimed at the project of nourishing and replenishing the soul, navigating overwhelm, in our troubling times.

As a bridge to the work we follow in The Silver Branch, and as a profound invitation towards your own waiting self, I cannot recommend highly this enough.

Like a daily cup of living wisdom. This journey has now become part of my journey! A highly recommended experience.

It is not too much to say that this changed my life, in a subtle but lasting way. What a wonderful way to start my day. I could revisit this a few times a year!

So simple, so subtle, achingly beautiful, gentle and profound. Exactly the voice and the words I was longing to hear. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Join me for the Inaugural season of The Silver Branch, themed “BREAKTHROUGH: Finding and Following the Way, your way, amidst Overwhelm.

This will be the first in our ongoing journey of meaning-making, finding context and solace in the exploration of the unfolding present moment in our lives, individually and collectively, through the timeless languages of symbolism, archetypes, and metaphor which we refer to as Mythos.

Mythos is a way of speaking in fiction, in ways that conspire to illuminate a deeper truth about life, the cosmos and our place in it.

The weekly sessions are hour-long guided talks, reflections and exploration of words, symbols and powerful ideas that share a curious and alluring symmetry out in the world and deep inside the ancient human psyche.

  • Transform Challenges into Inspiration: Learn to reframe negative contexts and personal challenges into perspectives that nourish the soul and uplift the spirit.
  • Enhance Mental Health: Gain tools for better mental health regulation, helping you maintain balance and resilience and navigate overwhelm
  • Foster Connection and Belonging: Deepen your sense of connection and belonging within the circumstances of your own life.
  • Expand Self-Knowledge: Explore archetypes and their relationships to your personal psychology, broadening your understanding of yourself.
  • Monthly membership.
  • Meeting weekly on Sunday 2pm PST / 5pm EST (Check your local time).
  • 1 hour weekly Sessions.
  • Live classes held via Zoom.
  • Each class is recorded for students who are unable to attend live.
  • Tuition assistance available.

In today’s world, where chaos and complexity are at an all-time high, the most common response is Overwhelm. This sense of being swamped by the relentless pace of change, the noise and intensity of information and media, the ugliness in the world, the real state of concern that can seem far too big for us to process much less with. The demands of our daily life can leave us feeling lost and disconnected from what truly matters.

When we try to process our world and our experiences solely through the language of Logos—of facts, details, and rational thought—we find that this language alone is insufficient. It’s like trying to understand a symphony by reading the sheet music without ever hearing it played. We miss the emotional depth, the narrative sweep, the soul-stirring moments that give music its power.

Imagine if we could complement our logical understanding with Mythos, the language of metaphors, symbols, and archetypes. The ancient Greeks understood the value of being ‘Double-Minded’—of engaging with life through both Logos and Mythos. This dual approach does not replace reason with myth but enriches our rational interpretations with the depth of narrative and symbolism.

The Silver Branch runs as a cohort, designed as a perennial membership, akin to a gym for the mind and the soul. Members will be free to cancel at any time and rejoin as they are called to. Together we continually explore the present moment as it intersects with our personal journeys. Here, we use the language of the mythic to navigate life’s complexities. This isn’t about abandoning reason but about enhancing our ability to process, understand, and engage with life in a way that feeds our souls and restores our connections to what matters most.

By joining our cohort, you’re not just signing up for another program; you’re stepping onto a bridge. This bridge will carry you from the noise and overwhelm of everyday life to a clearer, more connected existence. It’s a path that promises not just understanding but transformation—using the ancient craft and calling of the bard to navigate the modern world, ensuring you don’t just survive the chaos but find an authentic way to walk your own journey, and to find connection and belonging and to align more deeply with your own sense of core purpose and meaning.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Allow yourself the space to explore the richness of both Logos and Mythos and to become truly double-minded, as the ancients intended. This is your path to not just cope with but to truly understand and master the art of living in overwhelming times.

Are you ready to expand your language of life? To engage with your world in a way that brings peace, understanding, and depth?

Join our cohort today and start rewriting your own story, begin crafting your own bridge to a more meaningful existence.


My name is Rocco. Professionally I am a poet, writer, philosopher, mystic and teacher. My true Calling however is as a father, a husband, a mentor and a student, a messenger and a seeker, an elder, a visionary, a custodian and a child upon this sacred earth. My Craft is how I navigate the unfolding moment, how I pursue each of those callings and weave them all together in an emerging tapestry that always illuminates a better way I could be holding the conversation of my life. The work is via a serious connection to my own personal mythos, and prayerful, playful and earnest conversation with life, in the language of mythos, poetry and archetypes.

Won’t you join me?

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Soul Speaking

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Work one-on-one with Rocco as you make meaningful strides toward the actualisation of your unique potential.

MEET THE Grove Owner

Rocco Jarman


I’m a philosopher-poet, embracing the essence of humanity’s narrative while guiding others through the journey of self-discovery and collective evolution. As a bridge between past and future, I explore the depths of intentional existence, weaving through symbolism, mythos, and psychology to illuminate the path forward. My roles span from teacher to advocate, from dreamer to leader, each facet reflecting a commitment to unlocking the potential of tomorrow through the power of personal and shared myth.

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