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Using philosophy to empower business leaders

Step into "The Agora," a space where the realms of business and philosophy intertwine to reshape foundational societal pillars. In a dynamic exploration, this platform delves into the fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary entrepreneurial trends, offering a fresh perspective to navigate the uncertainties of the modern business landscape.

Since ancient times, humans have interacted between each other for various purposes. These purposes have varied depending on the different needs presented with each cultural development across history. Nonetheless, trading and doing business have become an essential part of understanding human nature, and companies (and the way they do business) has evolved in an exponential manner.  

Welcome to The Agora. A place in which we uncover how business and philosophy meet and merge to create an opportunity to change one of the most important pillars of society. A place to evaluate and discuss different perspectives across different times and cultures where methodologies, tools and concepts have emerged. An open market of thought to enhance the possibility to mix the old teachings of philosophy with the new trends of the entrepreneurial world. 

Philosophy is proving to be needed in society as a whole nowadays with all these uncertainty and volatility, and in “The Agora” it is our mission to expand into deeper meanings of thought, in order to present an alternative way of thinking, so we can have a better, more thoughtful management in the modern business world.  


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Juan Perez

Business consultant merging ancient Stoic wisdom into corporate world. Host of “Estoicismo Practico” podcast, delving into practical Stoic philosophy in Spanish.

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