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Join Mexican business leader Juan Perez for explorations into the integration between philosophy and business, focusing on practical pathways to flourishing companies, employees, and customers.

Using philosophy to empower business leaders

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Explorations into the necessity of a philosophical approach in business and life.

Juan Perez

On Change

In the midst of a world that seeks certainty in a constantly changing landscape, Heraclitus’ age-old wisdom holds true: change is the only constant. Embracing the philosophy of understanding the inevitability of change, this article explores how letting go of the uncontrollable can lead to a mindset shift, adaptability, and

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Juan Perez

Welcome to the Agora

Step into “The Agora,” a space where the realms of business and philosophy intertwine to reshape foundational societal pillars. In a dynamic exploration, this platform delves into the fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary entrepreneurial trends, offering a fresh perspective to navigate the uncertainties of the modern business landscape.

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Juan Perez

Organisational Psychologist | Entrepreneur

Juan Pérez works as a business consultant with a special emphasis on incorporating age-old philosophies, specifically Stoicism, into the corporate environment. Additionally, he hosts the podcast “Estoicismo Practico,” a Spanish-language show dedicated to exploring Stoic philosophy.